carnival party.

Okay... I just had a posting marathon tonight :) I posted three new shoots.. so scroll down for more fun shoots!

i had so much fun shooting this amazing company party for VA Pro...
i knew it was going to be a great party with Hailey and Eric Kandell hosting!

every little detail was absolutely amazing!
Rachel from Culinary Crafts was the event coordinator who brought this all together.
Culinary Crafts is responsible for the beautiful and tasty food.
The amazing invitation was created by Ann Elizabeth.
The talented face painters are those of Changing Faces Utah.
and my favorite place ever for awesome looking, and yummy cupcakes and cookies,
Dippidee, provided the gift bags, and cupcakes.
( if you haven't been here yet... they're located in American Fork, and you HAVE to go there!)
i was totally impressed with how amazing everything looked...

it's fun taking pictures of pretty things :)

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  1. love you! out of all of the vendors we used, you were still my fav!

  2. What an amazing party!!!! Wow! I am in love with everything! Including the pics! Great job ashlee!

  3. WOW!!!! what party was that?!! reminds me a lot of hay's wedding!! SO cute!! way to go!

  4. Ashlee--you are amazing! You have such an eye! Love it.

  5. I'm in love with the centerpieces and cannot find those buckets ANYWHERE! I have tried to google every term I can think of. Do you know where to get them or have any suggestions on what I can search to find them? Such a beautiful party!