vintage bridals. part duex.

ok... holy freakin cow!
this is so far my favorite shoot yet!
i am loving every single shot taken during our shoot, i just couldn't decide which ones to rule out... soooo... sorry guys...
but your getting a whole bunch!
everything about this shoot was amazing. chauntelle and andrew are just about the most gorgeous couple on the planet! not to mention how sweet they were to work with, and how sweet they were with each other...
and i love a shoot where i get to put my two cents in :)
thanks guys for letting me be creative!

her beautiful make up was done by the very talented, Angela DeStJore Matson
i highly recommend hiring her for your wedding day, bridals, seniors,
and even family shoot... moms!
she enhances your beauty and just makes you feel pretty and special!
you may go directly to her site for information, or you may email me for pricing and information as well.

for information on my wedding packages please email me at

i will also be offering a discounted price on YOUR future shoot if YOU refer a WEDDING to me, AND they book with me... sound fun?!
please inquire for further details on promotion.

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  2. Ash!! Wow you are so freaking talented! I love your work! You are amazing! I have been showing everyone your blog..its really popular in my office :) Thank you again and again! I cant wait to get the images!

  3. Oh my gosh Ashlee, are you kidding me?!!! Okay.. first off you are simply amazing. Secondly so creative and thirdly you should be so proud of yourself, because you are like nobody else out here in Utah! what more can I say.. you are going to be starting a trend! I love your style! Your work is inspiring and makes me want to go out and shoot!! I am so looking forward to you doing my pictures in the spring!! You rock my socks off!


  5. Ashlee these all look so so amazing!!!!!

  6. oh. my. gosh. These are unbelievable!! I love them!!!!

  7. These are unbelievable!!!!! You are SOOOO talented!! Wow!!!

  8. These are so amazing. :) I love them! I agree with Shanna-- they're extremely unique! Love your style! ;)

  9. What a fun shoot. I am in love with these pics. Love your style and loved looking at your blog. Really amazing!

  10. AH-Mazing! And is his hair fo-freakin real??? Crazy! Gorgeous pics Ash!

  11. These are all beautiful! I love the styling of this entire shoot!

  12. We seriously want to know what the deal is with his gorgeous curls. How long did it take him to get all that hair to look like that????? Does it always look like that? Please tell us!

  13. Just amazing!! Photographers dream of these kinds of couples who are up for anything wild, crazy, and edgy.
    Love these!!!

  14. Where in the world did she get those shoes!!??? I am dying. These are the most delightful pictures I have ever seen!!!! I would love to know. Thanks :)