Announcements $25
Customized announcements for birth, parties, and baptisms. 

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Sky. Faith.

Cute little girls! Wow! Girls are so much fun to shoot! Especially at Sky's age,  they love to pose, fake laugh, be silly and have all the attention on them! What sweet girls!

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Angie and David's Engagements

What a cute couple, huh! This was such a fun and relaxed shoot. They are such a cute young couple! I can't wait to shoot their wedding in August! 

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Cash. Grace.

This cute little family was so much fun to shoot. I was so excited to go to their home and shoot them with their darling sweet one week old baby girl. Nothing captures beauty more than natural light! To sum it up...
Perfect baby. Perfect boy. Perfect parents. Perfect home. 

Thank you to the amazing Nicole Hill for sharing this creative idea! 

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billy. melanie. tyler. jace.

This little family was so sweet. Just look at how beautiful they all are!
Blue eyes. Blonde hair. Happy kids. So fun!

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Isabella. Finnegan. Cecily. Francesca.

This was such a fun shoot! Isabella, who is almost 8, was such a little model! She was so fun to pose and was so cooperative. Finnegan, Cecily, and Francesca are triplets! They are so darn cute! They each had their own unique personalities. I just love these pictures so much, they were all so awesome! I couldn't decide which ones to post! Thanks Heather for trusting me with these darling little faces!

This is sooo Anthropology! 
They should do a Anthro kids and Cecily could be front cover!

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Greg. Kami Su. Sky. Jackson. Billy. Faith

This sweet family was so much fun! They were so patient and helpful (thanks Greg for lugging all of my many props, and ladder!) These kids had so much fun and they were all so cooperative! ( We had to bribe Billy with the kungfu panda toy! And he didn't forget it either!) Thanks Greg and Kami Su for being my guinee pigs for this location!

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