Nukaya Family.

cute little Dempsy ( don't ya love the name!) was way smart for her age! She is only 6 months old, but acted like a one year old! I think it must be that strong willed girl inside of her, thats how girls are, dramatic and strong willed, even at a young age. I love it! Sweet baby. Fun colors. Beautiful family! 

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Senior portraits are so much fun! Anna was such a sweet girl, her mom was also so kind. I like nice people! Anna has the best skin I've ever seen, she just glowed! My favorite shot is the first one where I was shooting through the window, I love her profile. Beautiful.

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some more of my favorite family...

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This cute family loves to golf! We shot these on the golf course. We drove around on a golf cart. I can definitely tell that they love the sport!

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3 kids under 4...

what a busy family! three kids all under the age 4! thanks nan and pop for coming and helping get theses kids to stay put and smile, can you guys just come with me to all of my shoots?!  i love the natural smiles. sweet sweet family.

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