alice lane home collection.

did you like this shot from my recent " Dream Home" shoot?

or this?

WELL... these are all beautiful furnishings from the
Located in Orem, Utah, and the web
( for those who are craving, and not from Utah )
if you have not had a chance to walk into this beautifulness,
you are missing out and you better get in your car right now and get over there!

i have never seen so much buzz about a store like I have with Alice Lane...
everyone is obsessed, it's been all over the blogging world and getting so much attention all over the place...

walking in their shop is heavenly.
beautiful furnishings and accessories...
colors, textures, patterns, smells...

AND... can't design it yourself, but love the style?
they also have interior design services with incredible designers, who have designed homes from all over the world.

They have just started their own blog, check it out... AND they are having a giveaway right now!
contest ends tomorrow, so click here and enter asap!

keep watching for more shoots from Alice Lane, and keep updated on their blog, as they will be doing more contests and giving away more great stuff!

i have recent was hired on to shoot for this great company,
and am so excited to see what more is to come!

and, lastly... a few shots I recently took from the store...

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a couple of shots from Whitney and Jordans wedding. more to come.

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love love love this shoot.

gosh dang!
i loved every single shot from this shoot.
these guys are so cute together...
the interaction between them was so natural, light, and casual...
they adore this sweet little guy,
i think he's a little spoiled... just a little :)

and look guys... even though its snowy, and in the dead of winter...
we can still make the best of it, and get great fun winter shots like these!

cant decide what my favorite thing was about the shoot,
the gorgeous family, the snow flakes, or the incredible light flooding in at every angle.

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