my very favorite shot right now...

i've had a few interior photo shoots lately,

i've just decided...i like it... a lot!

more photos and information from this shoot coming up soon.

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dream home.

this is one of my husbands home he has listed.
he asked me to photograph it for him and make a pretty brochure...
i thought it was just another "utah" style home.
but was pleasantly surprised... now obsessed!
more photos and information on the home coming soon!
i do.

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my favorite picture right now...

the lighting. the handcrafted hat- created by myself :)
the home. the boy. perfect.

more from this shoot coming up!

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at least one of my kids will let me take their picture...

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only two spots left!

I'll be in Southern California for more sessions this week...
I have two spots left!
on the 18th and the 22nd...

email me if your interested..

* full payment is required via paypal in order to secure your session. booking is done on a first come, first serve basis based on whoever makes the payment first to secure session.

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San Diego sessions... Preview

more coming really soon!

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"Ralph Lauren"... Kartchner style.

I was so excited when Melissa said they wanted something " Ralph Lauren " style... then when I met them, I knew this was the perfect shoot for them!
what a classy family...
and... hello! they were all so photogenic...
and Melissa... you are so beautiful!
i am loving this whole shoot so much!
despite the freezing cold temperatures, and the crazy wind... i think we all survived very well :)

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honestly... this family is one of the most amazing families ive ever known!

if i had to choose just one word to describe this sweet family it would be genuine....
and... honest, loving, kind, calm, obedient, fun, peaceful, helpful, happy... one word just isn't enough!

the earnest family are good friends of mine... and... it's always fun photographing your friends because they have total trust in you and let you do whatever you want...

so i decided we'd do a lifestyle home shoot... photographing the family being themselves, in their own enviroment, and just having fun, and doing the things they do...

rachel has a love of childrens books, she has some of the most beautiful books...
so we read books... and i climbed a tree to capture it :)
the kids played with their favorite toys... their oldest son built that ferrari by himself, every little teeny tiny piece by piece... he's so proud!
and for the girls... what else? but american girl dolls... and the youngest little guy.. star wars legos!
i just love the sentimental value of photographing a family in their home!

did i mention how perfect the kids are? seriously... they are so kind and obedient, you can feel the love and peace in their home... even "tank", the dog, is perfectly obedient!

oh! and did I mention rachel's home is incredible?! she has impeccable taste, and has designed every aspect of it herself... that was just a plus!
awe... and the light was perfection! love good lighting indoors :)

any other families up for in home lifestyle sessions?
especially now that it's getting cold!

i love love love every single picture, and i just could not narrow it down!
so i apologize for the lengthly post...
hope you enjoy!

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