love love love this shoot.

gosh dang!
i loved every single shot from this shoot.
these guys are so cute together...
the interaction between them was so natural, light, and casual...
they adore this sweet little guy,
i think he's a little spoiled... just a little :)

and look guys... even though its snowy, and in the dead of winter...
we can still make the best of it, and get great fun winter shots like these!

cant decide what my favorite thing was about the shoot,
the gorgeous family, the snow flakes, or the incredible light flooding in at every angle.

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  1. Wish I hadn't cancelled those snowy shoots of yesteryear :) The snow falling is GORGEOUS!!!!!

  2. wow - these photos are incredible! some of my fave that you've done. i love your style.

  3. The light is amazing and the snow is magical!

  4. so beautiful. I didn't know Utah had covered bridges. I'm going in March, I'd love to find one.

  5. Weird! She was my roomie at USU! Craziness!

  6. Amazing work!!!! Beautiful family. Love the covered bridge, the snow and the way you captured the family.
    The one with the wreath would make an excellent christmas card.