Finn is 3. 
Finn loves Star Wars ( so does mommy!)
Finn likes to wear his undies on backwards so he can see the picture.
Finn loves to follow his brother around. He thinks he's 12 too.
Finn can do a real front flip on the tramp.
Finn likes to watch Star Wars reinactments on youtube while mommy edits pictures. 
Finn could ride a two wheel bike at 2 years old.
Finn likes to help mommy build him legos for an hour so that he can demolish it in 3 seconds.
Finn says really funny things, like " OHHH YEAH! " while watching the Hulk slam into the mean Hulk in slow motion, while all of the rest of us are quietly scared in anticipation. 
Finn calls his striped blanky, his " spiky " blanky.
Finn can't go to sleep without mommy giving him 1) a mommy kiss 2) an eskimo kiss 3) a butterfly kiss.

I love this boy!

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  1. I love that boy so much too! And I miss him so much! How is he already 3? It can't be!