Nick + Alex

I absolutely loved taking this cute couples engagements!
First of all, they are perfect for each other. And they are way fun, have cute personalities, and they are obviously seriously in love. And they let me pick all of the locations, so my first pick was the laundry mat.
That's the first thing I think of when I think of marriage, and family...LAUNDRY!
I love the retro look!
I can't wait to shoot their wedding!

man, I spent alot of money on a chair like that for my baby room. who knew you could just walk into an old laundry mat, and there are rows of them!

I just love her smile!

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  1. Will and I LOVED these pictures. We want you to take some of us! We are Quirky and would have loved the laundry mat! You are beautiful. Tell Cayden that I am sorry I was sick Friday and I missed him.

  2. These are great pictures! I would love to have you take pictures of my family while we are there for this wedding!! I am Nick's Big sister Kris! Anyway, great work!!!Love it all!Especially them!

  3. These are so awesome! There are so many good ones which ones are the going to choose?

  4. Hi Ashlee, I love these pictures!! She was one of my college cheerleaders and she looks beautiful in these pictures!!