Isabella. Finnegan. Cecily. Francesca.

This was such a fun shoot! Isabella, who is almost 8, was such a little model! She was so fun to pose and was so cooperative. Finnegan, Cecily, and Francesca are triplets! They are so darn cute! They each had their own unique personalities. I just love these pictures so much, they were all so awesome! I couldn't decide which ones to post! Thanks Heather for trusting me with these darling little faces!

This is sooo Anthropology! 
They should do a Anthro kids and Cecily could be front cover!

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  1. Ashlee,
    You are so so so talented! Thank you for all of our beautiful pictures.

  2. GoRgEoUs. Enough said. They definetly look Anthropology-ish!

  3. Ashlee-
    You've done some awesome photo shoots. It looks like you have been busy. You just keep getting better and better. Great job!!!

  4. hey ashlee... can i get the parent's phone number from you for the oldest child?