NieNie Auction

I am starting a bid today and I will auction off a photoshoot ( family, children, newborns, seniors ) to the highest bidder. You will get a 1 1/2-2 hour shoot which includes a full disc of images from the shoot. The auction will start at $25 and go up from there. Please leave a comment with your bid and the last comment with the highest bid will win. The winner will need to donate straight through the NieNie recovery fund paypal account, then email the reciept, and info to me. I will then call you and arrange your shoot.

My heart hurts for this sweet family. My good friend, Megan, is Stephanie and Christian's sister-in- law, and told me of this tragic news when it happened. Stephanie and Christian were in a tragic private plane crash a few weeks ago. They are both in serious condition, and are hospitalized in Arizona. Doctors expect months of recovery ahead. They have four beautiful children who are now in the care of their loving family members. Please help contribute to the needs of this family at such a difficult time.

So here we go, let's see your support for NieNie!
Feel free to link this auction to your blog.
Bid will end Sunday Sept. 14th at midnight.
Happy Bidding!

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  1. I will start the bidding! $25
    xoxo to the Clark & Nielson families

  2. Ashlee, I'd LOVE some pics with me and my kids! $50! :)

  3. I'm in for $100 ~ Ashlee... I am Lauren's older sister :) I love the pics you did of her!

  4. I can't find where you are located. I will bid if you are in AZ, but I'm guessing Utah.

    Gorgeous pictures!

  5. Oh! Your profile does say Utah. Sorry! Let me know if you are planning a trip to AZ.


  6. Kendra- Sorry we are so far away! But thank you so much for your interest in my work!

  7. Did I win? email me at utahraptors@zookee.org and I'll make the paypal payment as soon as I know for sure.