worlds longest post...

a few more from the rooftop shoot with the amazingly talented Jay Reilly. 
thank you Jay! who is way cool, way fun to shoot with, 
and...did i already mention how talented he is?!

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  1. It might be the longest post ever, but I think it's my favorite post. The lighting is incredible! Good Job. What was the name of the photographer you shot with?

  2. You are probably sick opf my comments, but you are seriously going to be shooting for magazines before you know it! All of them are so beautiful!! WOW!!

  3. dude.. seriously.. these are JUST as good, (or better) than your talented past photo instructor (ya know?) You're awesome! :)

  4. Ashlee, they all look amazing.
    You are so talanted. I love your pictures but love you even more. You are such a great person.