got an old car laying around?

is there anyone out there that knows where i can rent an old car in Utah? 
i need it for an upcoming shoot, it doesn't need to be a fancy shmancy classic car... it could be an el camino, ford mustang, camero, Volkswagen, whatever! it doesn't even need to be super old, like vintage ( although that would be nice!), i just don't want a new shiny modern day car. 
if you know of a place that rents cars like these, or even a friend, or neighbor who has an extra car laying around that would let me rent it from them or do trade, please email me at ashleeraubach@mac.com with the info!

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  1. hi ashlee-i'm colby's friend from work. i've got a '73 beetle at my brother's place in provo. it's a sparkly blue color. let me know if you're interested...

  2. Hi Ashlee, you took our family picture for my step mom Jeanette in the fall. My family had a really old '52 chevy, it is amazing, but it no longer drives. It is parked in my grandmothers really cute and really old back yard....