housewife shoot.

long time no see! im sorry i havent posted in so long, it has been so crazy since my trip, i have been shooting so much! i still some others i need to post..but only one for now...

this shoot was a fun "housewife"shoot that i made my gorgous friend model for...she was dying! but she was such a good sport, and did such an awesome job! we had such a great time! i even talked her into getting into the pool, even though it was freezing, there was snow on the ground and it was raining all day! what a good friend! next thing ya know she'll be on America's top model!

i feel so lucky to have the amazingly talented make up artist, Angela De St. Joer Matson there to beautify our model! Angie is a very talented make up artist, her company is ADM Artistry...for all you brides out there! i will be working with her more often on some more of my upcoming projects. she will also be doing my styling for shoot in addition to the make up, which she is amazing at as well- i wish she could just come over and pick out my clothes every day! check out here. she's a cute gal, and fun to work with.

and now for my favorites...

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  1. Probably some of my favorite pictures yet!

    Great Job Ashlee, I can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  2. Heather, good grief you are hot mama!! Ashlee that was amazing, it really is gorgeous!

  3. Yowza Heather! I am dying! You are stunning (as always--just a side of you I've never seen!) Beautiful!

  4. If I remember right I know someone who knows you, and that is how I found your blog.
    I am a fan of your work and think you have a lot of talent!
    I LOVE the lighting in these shots, and that first one in the pool is unreal. I love her expression!
    Great shots!

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  6. These pictures are killer... amazing lighting, beautiful girl. My favorite so far.

  7. Ashlee, since this HOT Housewife shot is of my very private daughter......I love it!!! It's about time she is back on center stage. Now if you could only to get her to show you her high kick and splits :) She has never been into poll dancing that I know of.....
    I don't know if her five brothers know about this yet, but will she get the treatment!Queenie is back....
    I'm just glad that you didn't get her into her Victoria Secret...life definitely never would've been the same. Love you tons

  8. i can't believe I haven't seen these! Heather you are stunning! and even more beautiful in person which is hard to believe! and to the photog- i love your work you are very talented.