haley ann warner loves her kids.

i have had the privilege of getting to know the amazing Haley Ann Warner. i have been a huge admirer of her work. she is an amazing photographer! i have shot some weddings with her, and have had so much fun shootin & chillin with her. because she is having twins, she was wanting some shots of her with her sweet three kids just doin what they do around the house, and living their normal lives... before the twins come along and all heck brakes loose!
so here's a day of pancakes, piano playing, games, books, and just cuddling on the bed... 
( doesn't she look good! yes, there are two babies in there... can't believe it! )

and these ones were for me...

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  1. You're so awesome for doing this.. I love them and will love you always!

  2. These are fabulous photos!!! Those kids are beautiful.

  3. ashlee these are perfect! i am so excited for our get together. =)