belmont park. san diego.

why is it that i love carnivals so much?!
maybe it's the bright colors, the fun, the yummy treats...

this was probably my favorite location from all the spots we shot at in san diego.
everything was perfect, yet again!
perfect dress ( check out hailey's dress... it is so perfect for this theme! it's from alice + olivia )
perfect sunny day.
perfect kids.

i just couldn't decide which ones to leave out of this post, so there are sooo many here!
but the kids are just so hilarious! they're expressions crack me up, so i had to just put all of my favs on here...

hope you enjoy!

if any of you are interested in doing a shoot at a carnival, i've scouted out all the carnivals around utah county, and salt lake county, and i've left them open... email me if your interested in booking for a carnival theme.

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  1. ahhhh! i am freaking out over this session. it's PERFECT!! i want one just like it for my family. love everything about it, and seriously how cute is the family? i'm dying over the clothes too.

  2. Ashlee I am dying over these. Seriously.. jaw dropping! these are so great! I want a photo shoot like this with my family too! It's so great how you captured so many moments! You are so good!