last chance for summer sessions!

booked up until October... last chance for summer photo sessions...
Christmas cards are just around the corner :)

so go tear off those tags from school clothes, and let's get some great pictures!

i will choose a location and book sessions back to back.
you will get a combination of group, individual shots, and candids.

5 days only!

and don't worry... i will still bring my usual homemade, and fun little props to make your session special.

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  1. Dang Ashlee If I wasn't so fat and prego I would do it! I know they will feel fast. you are amazing! Have you gotten emails from some of the referrals I sent your way?

  2. I am trying to convince my mom to do this for our family pic. Do you do large groups? We're a family of 14. Would you mind emailing me? heidijohnson22@gmail.com