Vintage Bridals. Part 1

I'm loving the vintagey look of this shoot!
we only got to shoot for a few minutes before we had to call it quits... a huge thunderstorm was rolling in, and just as we got in our cars it started pouring!

so we continued a few days later... part 2 coming up!

huge huge thank you to Norm and Sharon for allowing us to use their amazing vintage car, and for the always amazing Angela DeStJore Matson for the beautiful make up job
she did on Chauntelle.

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  1. If only all couples were this beautiful or this perfectly styled. Ah, it's really so lovely Ash.
    We fly home tonight, excited to see my cd!

  2. These are Gorgeous, Ashlee! You've got real talent!

  3. Your blog is addicting! I check it out all the time! these are seriously hot! I love all of them! Do I say that everytime you take pictures?!!

  4. These photos are THAT good! Sic sic beauty!

  5. Hi Ashlee! This is Holly (Beardall) Hokanson...I don't know if we've ever run into each other since high, but I'd love to have you take my family pics this year. Could you please e-mail me your prices for a family of 5? my e-mail is hollyannhoke@hotmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks! P.S. You do SUCH amazing work!

  6. Perfect inspiration for my wedding! These are so amazing!

  7. Wow, what a dream session. You did an amazing job!