whitney and jordan. engagements

okay... the coldest ive ever been!
the wind and cold was painful... but these guys are troopers.
after ever couple of shots we sat in the car to dethaw...
it was worth it though, i'm loving these shots!

thank you again to the sweetest guy ever,
Sam, from " Something Vintage, Something Blue" vintage car rentals.
he has some amazing looking cars for all occasions.

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  1. oh my heavens, these are just too adorable! i love them all and i am so in love with that umbrella!!!! it is to die for!

  2. awww...her poor arms and legs! that last shot shows her goosebumps :) they did a great job at NOT looking like they were freezing to death!! cute shoot!

  3. hot hot hot, makes me wanna get married again, same groom but new style and new photog!