House Of Turquoise Feature.

I am so excited that House Of Turquoise has done another feature on my work!

This feature is on the fresh. clean. crisp. home that I just posted,
with the incredible design work of Holli Forrest Design,
and with the beautiful furnishings from

Also, check out Alice Lane's new blog for more interior design tips and inspiration!

and of course, check out the House Of Turquoise blog for interior design inspiration, and many other beautiful home images!

Holli Forrest Design currently does not have a blog, or site,
you can email her at
trust me... she is amazing!

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  1. Can I just say. You are amazing!! Truly! I love the way you capture things. Stunning just stunning pictures.

    I found your pictures on House of Turqouise Blog and was so excited that you are in Utah. I too am in Utah. I live in Lehi and just went down to the Alice Lane Store for the first time today. My pictures aren't as great as yours of course. :) But you'll have to check my design blog out.


    I will be calling you next time we need pictures. Smile.


  2. Ashlee I love your blog. I am new to it and can't stop staring at it! that is so neat that you have been getting so many features. i have to ask is this house the same one that is on Nicole Hill's blog? I swear I saw this house a bunch of times on some shoots she did?! :D
    Your whole style reminds me of hers. so clean and fresh. I love your pictures.