The cutest kids on the planet...

I can say that because they are mine! 
What a busy day! Why is it that it's so much easier shooting other peoples kids? But mine....so much more difficult! Maybe because I'm holding a 5 lb. camera with one hand, trying to get the kids to laugh by being goofy, trying to keep them from running in the street and getting hit by a car, easing all of the complaints about the itchy tights and shoes hurting, trying to get them to just look at the camera, making sure the baby doesnt fall off the wall, and at the same time, adusting my exposure and camera settings constantly!
 PHEW... we were all so tired when we were done. Thank you so much Auntie Britt for all of your work, and for loving my kids so much!

yes...one is missing, he just couldn't quite handle it!

I love this chubby body!

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  1. Mrs. Raubach these pictures are so cute. Cayden is getting so old, even after 3 months of school. Your family is adorable. We still need to get together to have Cami go on that date! Hope you have had a super long weekend! Thank you for all your love in my class!
    ~Tiffany Strong

  2. Ash they are absolutely beautiful, I love your kids so much!

  3. Ashlee,
    These photos are so fun. As always, great job!

  4. I'm so impressed that your kids will sit through a photo session and cooperate (or it at least looks like it!) So cute.

  5. This day was so much fun! I hope we can do it again soon. You and Cayden need to come visit real soon!

  6. ashlee i love your little baby boy! i think i've told you this before but i love how chubby he is! sooo cute.

    also, thanks again for my pictures, i can't tell you enough how many people have asked me about your work.

    love, angie.