Grunander Family.

Blonde hair. Blue eyes. Sweet. Kind. Perfect family.
Need I say more!

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  1. Wow! Adorable! Keaton's family is so cute. IT makes me want to have a baby.
    I love your work, when I have a cute little family will you take our pictures please?
    Cayden is such a joy - he makes me smile daily and makes me really proud because he is such a great young man.
    Thank you!

  2. Fabulous as usual. I love the one with the little girl in the tutu and she is looking at you and everyone else is looking at her. It's an amazing shot. Since I went on site with you I know how hard it is to get a picture with that big of a family with everyone in sync.

  3. Hey Ashlee! Wow! You are doing such amazing work! I heard you guys might be headed this way in January :) That would be SO great!
    Lots of love,