salt flats preview... more to come tonight!

this was such a fun shoot! it has taken me so long to narrow it down to the blog worthy images because they are all so amazing! ... i love it when there's too many good ones! stay tuned... i'll be posting more tonight...

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  1. that sky and light is amazing. Such a cool place to shoot, I love the contrast the ground has against the bright colors and mountains in the background. You are such a talented big sister! Love you.

  2. They look amazing so far! Sorry I couldn't come help, maybe next time though k!

  3. The Salt Flats... amazing! The last shot is my favorite.

    To answer your question about sharpness... I only have a 50mm (1.2), but when I import them via LightRoom, there is a sharpen preset that I use.

  4. Those pictures are amazing! Of course it helps that Chelsey is freaking hot!