balboa preview.

i can not wait to share my shoots from san diego! this adorable family flew me there to get some fun, amazing family shots of them... it was a blast!
this family is gorgeous, sweet, and so much fun to work with...

i'll post the rest soon!

i am a bit behind on posting, but have a ton of shoots i'm trying to hurry up and finish so that i can share them, right now is a super busy time! thank you all for your patience!

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  1. Ashlee! I am obsessed! I cannot wait to see the rest tomorrow, and from the beach and the Carnival. I know we will love them all!

  2. AShlee, I am in love with it. And I cannot wait to see the rest! YOu are amazing!

  3. i love the little ones reactions. really that's a very difficult shot to capture. as usual the lighting is spectacular.

  4. Wow Ashlee this is so beautiful, the lighting, the family, the building, everything! (sigh) I am looking forward to hearing from you to see if you can fit me in your busy schedule to do some pictures of my family! I understand if you can't! You are so talented!

  5. ashlee. this is GORGEOUS!! you are so talented and this family is soooo lucky to have pictures from you!
    i can't WAIT to see the rest. =)

  6. First of all- YOU ARE AMAZING! You have shot some people that I know (Caitlin & Brig Wilson are some of my best friends) and I read your post about being in SO cal AFTER the fact which broke my heart because I was there that weekend too! I live in AZ and if you ever make your way out there you will have to let me know- I will absolutely contact you next time I head to UT! I am dying for you to take some pics of my boys. PS The carnival wedding shoot is the most amazing thing ever!