school yard fun!

this really was one of my favorite shoots! i loved the feel of it... 90's stylin' ( thanks to Angie, Chelsea, and myself ) and her different attitudes that made this shoot so diverse.
ema is an actress from Broadway Film Management. she has such a cute look, great personality, and is a very mature 10 year old girl! i know she'll have a great career ahead of her!

thank you so Dave Creer who loaned us his sweeet vintage bike! to Angela De St. Jeor Matson, for her perfect as usual make up job, and Chelsea from Platinum Studio, located in Orem,  for the awesome hair styling, and model coaching. I just love working with these amazing people!

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  1. So fun! I love all of them so much. You are so creative and talented! I also love your new header and logo.

  2. these are great! I love the new logo!

  3. these are fantastic, what a little superstar. you did an awesome job on these, love the variety within the same theme.