Caitlin Wilson Designs. Truly Talented.

I was so excited to shoot these gorgeous interiors
for the amazing interior designer,
Caitlin Wilson.
Caitlin truly is one of the most talented designers I've ever seen.
She is creative, original, functional, and so diverse.
Give her any budget, or style, and you'll get nothing bet the best!
Not to mention her sweet personality, and darling baby, Olivia,
who travels all over the world with her.
Check out the Alice Lane Home blog for her recent interview.

For more of her work, and for her daily posts on design projects, and creative inspiration
check out her blog

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  1. You moved to Cali? NOOOO!!!!! There goes my dream of taking a class from you!! As if you even had time or would consider it - you are seriously AMAZING - I'll be checking hourly till you post that underwater bridal shoot!!!! -Brienne Poole brienne@ideacomdti.com

  2. Oh - and P.S. - if you did decide to do a workshop, I have 2 other people who want to do it also and we'd all be willing to drive to you - THATS how much we love you!!!

  3. I still havent seen any of the pics of my house so I am so glad you posted some of these. Send me a cd!

  4. One word: GORGEOUS. Your images are incredible...and so is the house...I'd love to live there

  5. Ashlee! Your images are so beautiful! I wish I could have assisted when you shot the Kandell home.

    P.S. Did I miss something? Did you move to California??

  6. Just beautiful; so crystal clear, colorful and great detail shots!! Love your work, and Caitlin's interiors ROCK!!!!!

    Northern Light

  7. Wow! Your work is fabulous and so is that house...i'm feeling inspired!