Beauty Shoot.

Wondering where I've been the last few months?
I've been shooting like crazy!!!

And finally... I get to start sharing with you all of my awesome shoots from the past few months.
Every day there will be a new post... seriously... everyday!
So check back often, and leave a comment :)

Here's my first post on a commercial project that I did for
the lovely
Valley OBGYN Practice,
located in Provo, Utah

They just remodeled their office, and it is absolutely amazing!
( interior design by Holli Forrest)

Over 100 beautifully framed prints adorn the walls,
all shot by moi'!

I will post each shoot, one shoot a day from the project.

Hope you enjoy!

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  1. Soooo happy you are back. I have missed you in my inspiration folder :)